*One day tours in Rio and the surrounding region:


  • A tour of Rio’s classics (Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Botanical Gardens, zona sul neighbourhoods) for a good comprehension of the geography of the « Marvellous City ».
  • A full cultural and artistic day out in the historical centre and Santa Teresa neighbourhood to get a feel for Rio through its inhabitants.
  • A day out in Niteroi: discover architect Niemeyer’s work and a completely different vision of Rio from the other side of the bay.
  • A full day getaway to the imperial city of Petropolis in the mountains outside Rio.
  • A half-day sailing excursion with skipper in the Bay of Guanabara to contemplate Rio from yet another perspective!
  • An ecological tour and cultural rendez-vous with the communities of Morro Chapeu Mangueira and Babilonia.


*Tailor-made tours from 4 to 9 days towards the « Costa Verde » (Green Coast):

This tour along the luscious Atlantic coastal forest south of Rio will take you to the large ecologically protected island of « Ilha Grande » . This tropical paradise is a haven of tranquillity (there are no cars permitted on the island) and savage beauty remained intact as Ilha Grande was a penal colony until 1994. You will find many activities on the island such as diving, sailing, hiking (it is a trekkers paradise!) or just lazing about.

Continue this route to Paraty. This colonial gemstone is incredibly well preserved. Truly a work of art! Take the time to discover the numerous artists and their workshops. Paraty also serves as a base for visiting a myriad of small tropical islands. Enjoy boating, snorkelling or if you prefer head inland for adventure by jeep, horseback or by foot on the “Caminho d’Ouro (old Gold Trail) which leads to waterfalls, cachaça distilleries and the National Park of the “Serra da Bocaïna”.


*Tailor-made tours from 3 to 5 days in the Coffee Valley:

This tour will follow the footsteps of the coffee barons of the emperors Pedro I and II. This itinerary will take you to Petropolis and the towns of Rio das Flores, Vassouras, Conservatoria. Petropolis is the imperial city where both emperors of Brazil installed their summer residence in order to escape the heat in Rio. The city is known as the tropical Versailles and remains a very elegant escape for Cariocas. The Coffee fazendas (ranches/farms) are elegant havens in the middle of an exuberant nature. Some coffee barons were so wealthy, they imported all their furnishings from Europe!


*Tailor-made tours of 4 to 7 days on the « Caminho de Ouro » (Gold Trail):

This tour will take you through the historical towns São João del Rei, Tiradentes, Congonhas, Oura Preto and Mariana in the neighbouring state of Minas Gerais.

Numerous visits to baroque churches, museums and mines will be proposed along with visits to artists workshops (such as world renowned painter Oscar Araripe) as the « mineiros » are very talented in artwork and handiwork. It is possible to extend your visit to the world’s largest outdoor contemporary art gallery in Inhotim, near the mineira capital of Belo Horizonte.

A few more ideas of tours off the beaten track…

*The tour of Ilha Grande by foot (4 to 5 days):

This tour is a must for lovers of fauna and flora ! Good physical condition is necessary for this 4 to 5 day trek across the island. You will stay in very simple pousadas or board with local inhabitants.


*Paraty and its unique Brazilian fjord by foot and by boat (4 to 5 days):

This is a unique travel experience combining trekking with cultural and artistic encounters with the local indigenous population. Accommodation and meals are very simple in small guest houses or with local inhabitants. Good physical condition required.


*Homestay on an authentic ‘ Fazenda’ Brazilian ranch (2 to 3 days)

An authentic and enriching experience on a family run fazenda located in the state of Sao Paulo in the magnificent Serra de Bocaina national park which in an excellent backdrop for horseback riding and hiking. Your charming hosts, who speak French and English, will treat you like family during your stay and help you discover the local history, traditions, and local cuisine.


N.B :All our tours (drivers and guides) are with private services and can be linked together depending on your time available and your needs. We can also organize thematic visits.

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